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19 апреля 2016, 02:42

LG Sets Up “Friends” Store to Help You Find and Buy G5 Modules and Accessories

lg g5 and friends

As much as we try to continue to ignore the fact that LG insists on calling its accessory line-up for the G5, “Friends,” they just keep throwing it (and that stupid green cat) in our faces. In the latest installment of “Look at our really weird advertising for Friends of the LG G5,” LG is introducing us to the LG Friends website, which will feature all of the “Friends” you can handle, assuming they are even available in your country.

If interested, you must be a carpenter who loves pink phones and dog collar headphones, a hollywood C-level actress with an audio addiction, grandmother with shaky hands, a discount Britney Spears on a VR trip, or the tiniest James Bond ever, who is so small that LG’s Rolling Bot becomes a volleyball when held instead of the softball that it actually is. 

This site will feature not only the current line-up of Friends, but will eventually feature modules and accessories from third party developers. You will be able to use the site to see which retailers near you have stock of specific items, as well.

Picked up any of the G5 “Friends” yet?

LG Friends Link

Source: http://www.droid-life.com/2016/04/18/lg-sets-up-friends-store-to-help-you-find-and-buy-g5-modules-and-accessories/